AUBOCASSA Extra virgin olive oil

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Category Extra virgin olive oil
Maximum acidity 0,1º
Varieties 100% arbequina olives.
Source Aubocassa Estate, Manacor (Mallorca)
Colour Yellowish green
Appearance Powdered, opalescent
Nose Light citric notes, lemon peel
Freshly cut grass Tomato, Mallorcan ramellet variety, Fresh vegetables
Unripe banana and kiwi, Green almond
A view of Mallorca’s rural landscape, the central plain
 Mouth: Silky, caressing, Fruity and fresh
No bitterness, slightly peppery, Green almond aftertaste

Aubocassa, a magnificent oil on the island of Mallorca

Aubocassa is a twelfth-century Arab farmstead between carob and almond trees and there are 24 hectares of Arbequina olive trees.

To make one liter of this oil takes eight kilos of olives, are collected in a special time of ripening when all fruits, vegetables are inside that can be drawn olives and aromas.

It is an oil having 0.1 degree of acidity, and tasting the model we will use in a model for many people will be curious

and it is to taste it in a glass of wine, a glass of transparent glass.